"Greece is used as the scapegoat"

It is a very interesting interview of Mr. Bob Chapman about the Greek debt crisis. I don’t agree with his advice that people should not react with strikes or mass demonstrations. There is no telling about the way people should resist to all these cruel reformations or plans. In my opinion people have to make their movements to stop or prevent the Bilderberg Club to complete its inhuman planning.
Maybe I’m not so pragmatist or realist one, as I'm not disposed to swallow my pride or dignity, facing their cruelty as a happy story. We all have to swim against the stream, so we can expect a better future for our families.

Is it right to let them do whatever they want?? I think No!!! 
People must to apply many Scotch showers to their politicians due to their brain callousness. We must not forgive them for their trespasses.

Please visit the undermentioned URL address, if you want to listen Mr. Bob Chapman's interview: